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After my stay in Cameroon from 1992 to 1994 and subsequent research work at the Faculty of Geography, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, I have collected a library of web resources on Cameroon. Although I left the University and I am not engaged anymore in research, my web page on Cameroon on the Utrecht University's server continued to attract many visitors. After removal from the University's server, the information will now be offered on my own personal site at geocities.com. The pages still need some updating, links may be outdated. Any help will be appreciated!

Web resources on Cameroon: Top of page

Cameroon (CIA factbook) Updated link!
Cameroon Background Notes (US Department of State)
Excite Travel directory Cameroon
Cameroon Page (U.Penn)
The Home Page of The Republic of Cameroon (by Michael T. Fosong)
Index on Africa: Cameroon (list of Cameroon links)
Postcards from Cameroon/Images du Cameroun (By Jean-Daniel Niat)
@frinet -Cameroun
Kamerun Informationsseite (in German)
New telephone numbers in Cameroon

Government institutions:
Prime Minister Office

Elections in Cameroon
Human Rights Report 1997 (US Department of State)
Human Rights Report 1999 (US Department of State)
Political Resources on the Net
R.D.P.C. / C.P.D.M. (Political party, in power)

News from Cameroon:
Le Messager
Cameroon Tribune
ICC-Net's Revue de presse
Cameroun Digest (A selection of articles)
La Voix du Paysan

News on Cameroon from international sources:
Africa Confidential: Cameroon

Internet access providers in Cameroon:
Camnet (Intelcam) (Internet provider in Yaoundé, offering information pages on Cameroon)
International Computer Center ICC-net (Internet provider in Yaoundé, offering information pages on Cameroon)
UNDP Sustainable Development Networking Programme (UNDP/PNUD)
Global Communications Network Cameroun (www.gcnet.cm)

Geography & Economy:
FAO/SMIAR Agriculture et alimentation au Cameroun
The City of Douala
Le Cameroun Virtuel
FY 1999 Country Commercial Guide: Cameroon (US-Government) (Archives: FY 1997)
Cameroon Chamber of Commerce (International Business Centre)
SOSUCAM (Société Sucrière du Cameroun)
Fonds National de l'Emploi
Cameroon on the Web: Business & Economy
National Railway Company Cameroon En français: Regifercam
Etablissements humains au Cameroun (UNESCO)

Cameroon Popular Music
Cameroonian Literature

Site Officiel de L'Enseignement Supérieur du Cameroun / Higher Education Website Cameroon
Ngaoundéré-Anthropos Updated link!
Tropenbos tropical forest research in Cameroon
WWF Cameroon Country Profile
Earth Summit Cameroon Country Profile Updated link!
Refer Cameroun Contact (at Centre Syfed, Yaoundé)
UREDS (Unité de Formation, de Recherche et de Documentation dans les Sciences Sociales et Humaines)
OCISCA (Observatoire du changement et de l'innovation sociale au Cameroun)
Ecofac Programme: La réserve de faune du Dja
L'Avant Garde on line. Journal de la science et de la technologie pour le développement

International Relief Friendship Foundation - Cameroon
SAILD - La Voix du Paysan

North Cameroon:
The Homepage of Tokombéré (Far North Province) Updated link!
Maroua (Far-North Province)
Garoua (North Province)
Consulat de France in Garoua

North Cameroon: List of Institutions and NGOs/ Nord Cameroun: Liste d'instituts et d'ONG: Top of page

NGOs Garoua - North Province
NGOs Guider, Mayo Louti Division - North Province
NGOs Maroua - Far-North Province
NGOs Mayo Kani and Mayo Danay Divisions - Far-North Province

List of Cameroonian Universities

Next page: the Sodecoton

The weather in Garoua today...

Publications: Top of page

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BESSEM, F.J. (1991)
De marketing van katoen in Noord-Kameroen. Een eerste verkenning.
Leiden/Utrecht: Afrika Studiecentrum/ Vakgroep SGO Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht. 1991. 29 pp.

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