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September 2012

Seydina Insa Wade page

New page : Seydina Insa Wade

Seydina Insa Wade was born as a son of an imam in the popular neighbourhood Medina in the Senegalese capital. Apart from quran lessons, he secretely took bass guitar lessons and in 1964,... read more about Rio Sextet, Xalam and Wade Quartet

Belle époque vol.2

Two new albums by Bembeya Jazz

Syllart has released two best of compilations of Guinea's best-known big band, Bembeya Jazz. Although not the first and only compilation, the two double albums offer a vast overview of the talent of Demba Camara, Sekou 'Diamond Fingers' Diabaté, Achken Kaba and the other band members. Voices, guitar, rhythms, brass section, all is top notch from the Syliphone catalogue...

Kadior Demb

New album by the Royal Band de Thiès

A surprising release of the Royal Band de Thiès. I never expected another album of this band from the town of Thiès, let alone one from a recording that was never released before.
«Singers and composers JAMES GADIAGA & SECKA will guide you through the sweet melodies, wicked rhythms and vocal traditions of Senegalese music, in a fabulous performance that combines MBALAX with AFRO-JAZZ» (

Brothers in Bamako

New album by Habib Koité (with Eric Bibb)

After a successful set of solo albums and various projects such as Acoustic Africa and The Five Great Guitars, Habib Koité combines his talent and stature as 20th century griot with American blues singer Eric Bibb. It is not the first time Malian music meets American blues, but it is certainly an interesting encounter.
«This warm and inviting blend of blues and world music is a delight to hear and experience as two songwriters journey to each otherís worlds» (

New album by Zani Diabaté et les héritiers

Zani Diabaté, star guitar player of Super Djata Band throughout the 1980s, was in Paris December 2010, to record with his son, the son of Daouda 'Flani' Sangaré and the son of Alou Fané. According to reports he felt ill with his guitar strapped on entering the studio, and died a few weeks later. The result of that recording session is now available for everbody: «This is a proud ending to a brilliant and under-recognized career » (Banning Eyre on


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