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August 2012

7e jour

New album by Pierrette Adams
Congo's most panafrican singer Pierrette Adams released a brand new album, her seventh album (apart from a "best of" compilation).


Two new albums by Sekouba Bambino
Guinean top of the bill singer Sekouba Bambino released two brand new albums at the occasion of him being active in the music businness for 20 years. On the first album, « Diatiguyw », he explores the tradition of praise singing, on the second album, « Innovation », he further developes the fruitful crossover between mandingo music and zouk, this with the help of Capverdian Manu Lima.

The Very Best of Coumba Gawlo

New album by Coumba Gawlo
The Very Best of Coumba Gawlo is a compilation that was released already some time ago.

Seydina insa Wade

14-05-2012: Senegalese singer songwriter Seydina insa Wade died.
Seydina insa Wade was born in 1948 in Medina, Dakar as a son of an imam. He studied islam, but secretly played contrabass in the Rio Sextet in 1964. In 1966, he participated in the FESTAC in Dakar, where he sang a folk song in Wolof, just accompanying with his guitar. In the following decades he worked with a variety of bands, among others with Xalam 1 and Xalam 2. He recorded several solo albums such as « Yoff » (1985) and « Xalima » (2004), and was active in theater and storytelling. Seydina was known for being politically engaged. He died on 9 May after a period of illness.


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