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Belgian authorities detain African star
musician Bassekou Kouyaté
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Malian star ngoni player Basekou Kouyaté has been detained at the Brussels airport from Friday 4 march until Thursday 10 march for an alledged false entry stamp in his passport. Although his passport and visum for entry into the Schengen countries were in order, he was according to the article by to be redirected to Algeria from where he had travelled.
After negociations by the Malian authorities and the concert organiser Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp, he has been released just in time to give a concert the next day in Brussels. He also performed on 12 March in Utrecht, the Netherlands, albeit without his band Samagera who was not able to make it.

Difficulties that African artists of great fame (Bassekou Kouyate has worked with Carlos Santana and many others) are having with immigration authorities are more and more frequent in recent times. It is a crying shame that artists of Bassekou's fame are being bullied by stupid Belgian immigration officers for futilities just because they are Africans.

Additional sources: own research, news item Zuiderpershuis (tour organiser)

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