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Sékou "Bembeya" Diabaté
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Sékou "Bembeya" Diabaté, aka Diamond Fingers, became famous as the lead guitar player of Bembeya Jazz. As this band slowly desintegrated after the departure of Sékouba Bambino Diabaté in 1989, Sékou "Bembeya" Diabaté, too, began a solo career, although he had recorded a solo album already in 1985. Paul Montgomery of Stern's Records said on the album Diamond Fingers: "Forget Cooder and Clapton, Diamond Fingers is God!"

Now that Bembeya Jazz is re-united again in 2002, Sékou "Bembeya" Diabaté is again playing in that group as the solo guitarist.

Style: mandingue.


Title Year Label Remarks
Guitar Fö 2004 Discorama WVF 479016 Also on: World Village Music
Samba Gaye 1997 Dakar Sound DKS 011 Re-recording of an older cassette
Diamond Fingers 1996 Dakar Sound DKS 008
Montagne 1985 Esperance ESP 8419 LP

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