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Robson Banda &
The New Black Eagles
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Robson Banda and the New Black Eagles have not become as famous as Thomas Mapfumo, the Bhundu Boys or the Four Brothers, yet they deserve the same acclaim. Reconciliating the up-tempo Jit with the more intimate Chimurenga music developed during the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe, Robson sings as if he stands before a church audience. Yet, the music is up-tempo and played with precision, and, although with minimal instrumentation, a detailed reconstruction of Mbira lines.

Robson Banda, orginary from Congo, is no longer among us. Several band members have died as well. Only remaining member of the New Black Eagles, guitar player John Chivere, is said to try to bring together the New Black Eagles with new musicians.

Original band members:
Robson Banda (died 1998) vocals, guitar
Job Mteswa (died 1996)
Biggie Phiri (died 2000)
John Chivere guitar
Daniel Zande (died 1998)

Born: Zimbabwe
Style: Electric Chimurenga


Title Year Label Remarks
Greatest Hits vol. 1 1995 Zimbob ZIM5 Also re-issued on Gramma
Gehena (Denga Haurinde) Kumusha Gramma Distribution
Ngoma Ngairire 1987 Kumusha KSALP 121 Gramma Distribution
Soweto 1986 Kumusha KSALP 113 Gramma Distribution
Dzinomwa Muna Save 1985 Kumusha KSALP 110 Gramma Distribution
Mukwasha 198? Kumusha Gramma Distribution
Sidudhla 1984 Kumusha Gramma Distribution
Sango Rinopa Waneta 1983 Kumusha Gramma Distribution

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