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Ouza (Ousmane Diallo) has been an influential figure in Senegalese music. Much respected in Senegal for his critical approach on politics and society, he is less loved by the authorities in his country.
Ousmane Diallo went to study music in Côte d'Ivoire during the 1960s. He participated in various traditional music ensembles and ballets before returning to Senegal. Since 1972, he recorded regularly with various groups of female singers such as Les Ouzettes, Les Filles Branchées and others. He coached these singers after which some of them started solo careers. In addition, he was nominated to lead the National Ballet and the National Orchestra of Senegal.
His music is influenced by traditional music, mbalax, but also blues, jazz and soul. Some songs are as laid-back as the music of Orchestre Baobab, others have a phrenetic rhythm laid on a foundation of a pulsating bass cadence, so typical for much of Senegal's music. Until recently, his music was hard to find in the West, but in 2001 and 2002, two albums with a selection of his work were released.

Born: 1948 (other sources mention 1947) in Rufisque, as Ousmane Diallo
Style: mbalax


Title Year Label Remarks
6 heures 2007 Senegalese CD production
Ouza & ses Ouzettes 1975-1990 2002 PAM OA 208
Ouza 2001 Africa Productions 01028-2
Le vote 2000 Local cassette Origines
Soul'n Jagamare 1999 Local cassette KSF
Femme noire 1998 Local cassette
Femme nue 1998 Local cassette
Sen Sougnou Sama 1997 Local cassette
Diapason Ouza 1996 Local cassette
Demb 1996 Local cassette Jololi
I'm sorry / Dunia Gassy 1995 Local cassette
Tawatal 1995 Local cassette
Modou Modou 1994 Local cassette
Xadimo 1993 Local cassette no. 121365
I Miss You 1992 Local cassette
Ndar 1990 Local cassette ON 9001 & les filles branchées
The Best 1984 Syllart 8316
Le peuple 1984 Syllart 8315
Nakhe M'Baaye 1982 Local cassette GDL 001 & son Nobel
Lanke Naa 1981 Local cassette Mbaye Ndiaye & le Nobel
Wethe 1980 Jambaar JM 5002 & Teranga International Band
Mbaana 1977 MAG 109 & Les Quatres Femmes dans le Vent
Lat-Dior 1975 Jambaar JM 5003 & ses Ouzettes

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