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Nyboma has been a successful singer for more than 30 years, whose sweet vocals have been in demand by several bands, starting from Orchestre Baby National (1969), via Super Mosinzo, Negro Succes of Bavon Marie Marie to Orchestre Bella Bella of Les frères Soki in the early 70s.

From 1973 till 1975, he was a lead singer in Lipua Lipua, a band set up by Verckys. At the age of 20, he became singer of the year 1973 with a first song that he composed, « Kamale », released in the same year. In 1975, Nyboma left with some musicians of Lipua Lipua, as a result Vata Mombasa continued with Lipua Lipua and Nyboma created a new band Orchestre Kamale named after his first hit.
Orchestre Kamale didn't last very long and split up in 1978 when Assosa and Mulembu left to create Fuka Fuka. Nyboma continued for a while with Les Kamale but he (like Dally Kimoko) was soon asked by Dizzy Mandjeku in 1979 to join his African All Stars in Togo, as conditions became more and more difficult for musicians in Zaire. Two years later, in 1981, Nyboma recorded one of his biggest hits « Double Double » with a band that once again was named Les Kamale.

In 1982, Nyboma went to Paris where he joined Les Quatres Etoiles together with Bopol Mansiamina, Syran M'Benza and Wuta Mayi. Les Quatres Etoiles (Four Stars) have been set up as a "super group" of four prominent singers and guitarists, they made several albums during the 1980s and 1990s with reasonable success. Parallel to his Quatres Etoiles activities, Nyboma recorded another three albums under the name of Les Kamales in 1983-84.
Nyboma also made two albums with Pepe Kalle as well as a solo album « Anicet » together with big names such as Koffi Olomide, Ballou Canta, Djefffard Lukombo. After the last album of Les Quatre Etoiles in 1996 Nyboma left to sing with Soukous Stars and he made one album with them under the name Soukouss Force One.
Nowadays, Nyboma continues to be successful as one of the lead singers of Kékélé.

Musicians Les Kamale on Double Double:
Nyboma: vocals;
Bopol (Mansiamina): bass;
Dally (Kimoko): first guitar;
Marlos: second guitar;
Ringo: drums;
Samba: toumba;
Bento: horns;
Johnny: horns.

Born: 24 December 1952 in Nioko (Mayi Ndombe region), as Nyboma Mwan Dido (or Muan Dido)
Style: soukous.


Title Year Label Remarks
Asipo 1998 Afro-Rythmes 10195 With Soukouss Force One
Anicet 1995 Stern's STCD1064
Hommage à Emoro 1992 Syllart 38117-2 With Pepe Kalle and Bopol Mansiamina
Stop feu rouge - voisin 1990 Bleu Cara´bes 82804 With Madilu
- Compilation CD of Nyboma & Madilu Stop feu rouge-voisin and Pepe Kalle chante le poète Simaro (JM Production 91080)
Moyibi 1988 Syllart 38752-2 With Pepe Kalle
Zouke Zouke 1986 Syllart SYL 8324 (8724) LP, with Pepe Kalle
Nyboma compilations:
Nyboma, Le Merite des artistes Congolais
vol 3/3 - 1974-1975
1995 Glenn Music GM 312004 With songs of Kamale (actually later than 1974-1975!)
Nyboma, Le Merite des artistes Congolais
vol 2/3 - 1972-1974
1995 Glenn Music GM 312003 With songs of Lipua Lipua
Nyboma, Le Merite des artistes Congolais
vol 1/3 - 1971-1974
1995 Glenn Music GM 312002 With songs of various bands
Nyboma & Les Kamale Dynamiques:
Nyboma & Kamalé Dynamique 2005 Stern's STCD3023 CD compilation of best songs of all 5 albums
Double Double 1998 Clarys / Rigo Makengo RMP 304398 CD re-issue of 2 vinyl albums (Double Double and Pepe)
Bandona 1984 Syllart SYL 8313 LP, with Bopol
Coeur à coeur 1983 Maikano MAILPS 1041 LP
Pépé 1983 Maikano MAILPS 1037 LP
Dédé 1982 Maikano MAILPS 1035 LP
Double Double 1981 Maikano MAILPS LP; also: Celluloid CEL6624 (1982) and Rounder Records 5010 (1984)
Nyboma & Orchestre Kamale:
Ayindjo 1977 African 360.109 LP (Les Editions Veve présentent L'Orchestre Kamale)
Nyboma & Lipua Lipua:
Nyboma & Lipwa Lipwa - Greatest Hits vol.2 KJE 1002 CD release
Nyboma - Greatest Hits vol.1 KJE 1001 CD release
Kamale & Lipwa Lipwa (Maswa vol 1 et 2) 1997 Sonodisc CD36567 CD release
Lipwa Lipwa De Nyboma 1997 Sonodisc CD36566 CD release
Mombasa 1974 African 360.063 LP

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