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Alioune Mbaye Nder was a singer of Lemzo Diamono, until he created his own group Le Setsima in 1995. Three cassettes were released in Senegal, Aduna (1995), Lënëën (1997), and Aladji (1998). A first CD presents a selection of songs from these three cassettes.
Singer and composer Mbaye Nder is one of the proponents of the Boul Falé generation musicians, a generation of young people trying to get ahead without too much being bothered by traditions on the one hand and by lack of perspectives for young people, generally felt among the youth of Senegal.
His popularity in Senegal is tremendous, outside of his country this is not the case, although he performed on numerous world music festivals throughout the world. An international break-through is yet to happen.

Band members (as stated on the CD):
Alioune Mbaye Nder (lead vocals), Aïcha Koné, Mbene Seck (guest backing vocals), Talla Seck, Lamine Touré (percussions), Malick Diaw (guitar), Saliou Ba (bass), Ibou Tall, Elou Fall (keyboard), Bassirou Mbaye (drums), Ibou Konaté, Mor Sarr (brass).

Born: as Alioune Mbaye Nder
Style: Mbalax ("Boul Falé")


Title Year Label Remarks
Confiance 2007 CD
Courage 2005 KSF Productions (local cassette)  
Muchano 2003 KSF Productions (local cassette)  
Lu Tax? 2002 Local cassette  
Takussaan à Dakar 2002 Africa Fête AFD006 Live recording
Live anniversaire vol. 2 2001 Local cassette  
Live anniversaire vol. 1 2001 Local cassette  
Super Thiof 2000 Local cassette  
Pansement 2000 Africa Fête AFD003/ Setsima Re-issue of the 1999 album
Nder & le Setsima Group 1999 World Connection WC 43010  
Aladji 1998 Local cassette  
Lënëën 1997 Local cassette  
Aduna 1995 Local cassette  

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