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Mamady Keïta
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Mamady Keita started playing percussion on his mother's kitchen pans, before he could even walk. As everyone in his village recognised his talent, his mother allowed him to learn to be a djembefola. At age of seven, he appeared in a movie with Harry Belafonte, Africa Dance. In 1964, he was admitted to the National Ballet Djoliba, where he became artistic director in 1979. Seven years later, he travelled to Belgium, where he still lives, giving percussion lessons, and recording with his group Sewa Kan. He is generally seen as one of the best djembefola world-wide.

More info on Mamady Keita on his homepage.

Born: 1950, in Balandougou, Wassolon region, North Guinea.
Style: Percussion (Djembe).


Title Year Label Remarks
Hakili 2010 Zig Zag World / Cristal Records CR 170-71 With Sewa Kan. Live CD & DVD
Mandeng Djara 2007 Fonti Musicali fmd 231
Live @ Couleur Café 2005 Zig Zag World / Fenix Music FZCD001 With Sewa Kan. Also available as DVD (Fenix FZDV001)
Sila Laka 2004 Fonti Musicali fmd 228
Djembe Master 2004 Follow Me Records FM120CD Compilation
A Giate 2002 Fonti Musicali fmd 224
Mamady Lèè 2001 Fonti Musicali fmd 221
Balandugu Kan 2000 Fonti Musicali fmd 218 2CD
Afö 1998 Fonti Musicali fmd 215 With Sewa Kan
Hamanah 1996 Fonti Musicali fmd 211 Special guest: Famoudou Kouyaté
Mögöbalu 1995 Fonti Musicali fmd 205 2CD
Nankama 1992 Fonti Musicali fmd 195
Percussions malinké - Wassolon 1989 Fonti Musicali fmd 159 With Sewa Kan

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