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Lutchiana Mobulu 100%
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Lutchiana Mobulu started his career as a singer in the 1980s, a first solo album came out in 1989. He was then accompanied by Empire Bakuba, but later he created Orchestre Karawa Musica.

His 1992 album Foulalé was quite a big hit on African dance floors. Since then, he recorded several albums, both solo and with Orchestre Karawa Musica.

Style: soukous.


Title Year Label Remarks
Balayage 2002 JPS Production CDJPS 235 With Orchestre Karawa Musica
Chinia 2000 JPS Production CDJPS 0050
Fogo 1999 Sonodisc CDS 8835
Acte de Naissance 1995 Sonodisc CDS 8814
Gina 1995 B Mas 950070
Asouka 1995 Sonodisc CDS 6841 With Orchestre Karawa Musica
Point d'interrogation 1994 Sonodisc CDS 6823
Foulale 1992 Sonodisc CDS 5511
Malata 1989 Jacky Toto Productions JTT 014 With Empire Bakuba

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