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Kiné Lam
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Kiné Lam is one of the most famous female voices of Senegal. She was the first woman singer in Senegal to form her own band, and the first to sing in the modern mbalax style. As early as in 1972, she started a traditional group that used to play in different places. Subsequently, she entered the Theatre Daniel Sorano in Dakar, the only national theater in Senegal. She was an artist in residence there for 12 years. In 1989 she left the theatre and started the group Le Kaggu, which stands for "library".
Her first album, Cheick anta Mbacké produced a number-one hit in 1989, and she has been voted Senegal's best female vocalist three times.
Album cover 'Praise'

Born: in Dakar
Style: Mbalax


Title Year Label Remarks
Cey Guer 2003 Jololi Local cassette production
Le retour 1998 Jololi Local cassette production
Sey 1998 World Connection 43004 CD
Sunu Thiossane no.2 1997 Talla Diagne Local cassette production
Praise 1996 Shanachie SHCD 64062 CD
Deurbi 1996 Talla Diagne Local cassette production
Sunu Thiossane no.1 199? Talla Diagne Local cassette production
Cheick anta Mbacké 1989 Syllart 38764-1 LP

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