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Horoya Band
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Horoya Band was one of the many orchestras in Guinée-Conakry during the 1970s. Under the regime of Sekou Touré, the best bands were awarded with the title Orchestre national and had the possibility to travel to Cuba to learn more about Afro-cuban music. Horoya Band achieved the title of national orchestra in 1971. The band was led by Mitou Traoré. Halfway the 1970s, they recorded a LP, entitled Zoumana, on the state record label Syliphone. Their recordings have been re-issued on CD.
When the state support for culture disappeared with the death of Sekou Touré, many of the orchestras disintegrated, such as Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis and Balla et ses Balladins. Probably, this is the case with Horoya Band too.

Formed: 1965, in Kankan.
Style: mandingue.


Title Year Label Remarks
Wèrè Wèrè 2006 Bolibana Re-issue of Paya-Paya
Paya-Paya 1997 Dakar Sound DSK012 Original release 1970s on Syliphone label (SLP41 & singles)
Horoya Band National - Zoumana 1970s Syliphone SLP 41

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