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Fatou Guewel & le groupe Sope Noreyni
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Fatou Guewel Kara (39) is a singer, rooted in the griot tradition of the Wolof. Her mbalax music is rootsier than that of Youssou N'Dour, more related to praise-singing. On the album Fatou, her superb voice is accompanied by a xalam-lute, bass, keyboard (by Lemzo Diamono's Tapha Faye), and, thank god, a range of fine Senegalese percussion (including guest percussionists for tama, sabar and mbeug mbeug drums).
Having sung for many years, she formed her own group and recorded a first cassette in 1992, followed by three albums for KSF Diagne Productions in Dakar.

Groupe Sope Noreyni:
Djiby Guissé (xalam); Tapha Faye (keyboards); Abdoulaye Dieng (bass); Mbaye Gueye Ndiaye (thiol djembé); Talibé Mbaye (talmbatt); Serigne Modou Diagne (tougouné).

Born: as Fatou Binetou Diouf, June 1964 in Dakar.
Style: Mbalax.


Title Year Label Remarks
Ooh c'est chaud! + Best of 2005 Jololi CD
Fonk Sa Waajur 2002 Jololi Cassette
Dem Ba Jeex ? ? Cassette
Fatou 1998 Stern's STCD 1078 Compilation of the last 3 albums
Santeti Mame Diarra Bousso 1998 KSF Diagne Cassette
Fiirnde Santa Bamba 1995 KSF Diagne Cassette
Santa Ti Cheikh Ibra Fall 1994 KSF Diagne Cassette

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