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Fatala was formed by Bruno Camara in 1981. Camara left Guinea in the early 1960s, and after extended travelling through Africa and Europe he ended up in France, where he started playing African percussion. After many years, he was finally able to establish his own group, Fatala, named after a Guinean river, which flows through Camara's town of birth, Rio Pomgo.
Fatala is playing semi-traditional percussion based music and had the opportunity to record in the renowned Realworld studios. On this recording, the young singer Mabinty Sahko is featured with her sharp, expressive voice.
Another singer of Fatala, not on this recording, Maciré Sylla has a solo career of her own and she already released two CDs.
No information is available as to whether Fatala is still existing as a group.

Formed: in 1981 by Yacouba "Bruno" Camara
Style: mandingue percussion music.


Title Year Label Remarks
Gongoma Times 1993 Real World RWMCD4
Previously released as:
Fatala 1988 WOMAD WOMCD 011

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