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Eboa Lotin (1942-1997)
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Emmanuel Eboa Lotin (also written as Lottin), son of Reverend Adolf Lotin A Same, who composed many church chorals, has been brought up with music. Still, he was more of a self-taught musician, since he has not received a formal musical education. He recorded a first song in 1962, which was a starting point of a successful career of 35 years. He died in 1997 following a protracted illness.

Born: August 6, 1942 in Douala, died in October 1997.
Style: classic makossa.


Title Year Label Remarks
The Best Of, Vol. 2 - Pure Gold 1994 TJR CDAT 130
The Best Of, Vol. 1 - Or pure 1994 TJR CDAT 124
Nkono Kpa-Kum Sonodisc LP
Sodome et Gomorrhe Sonodisc LP
Gratitude - le Disque d'Or 1985 Tshi Tshi TSI 002 Double album
Les Trois Visages 1983 Tougata TG 587
Tata Coco 1981 Satel SAT
Souffle Nouveau 1980 Satel SAT LP-162
Tete Youngo 1979 Satel SAT
Muyenge Ma Ngando 1977 Satel SAT
Alleluia 1976 Satel SAT 087
Bessombe 1975

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