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Djanbutu Thiossane
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Djanbutu Thiossane is an ensemble, quite recently founded by three brothers who are originating from the Senegalese town of Louga. One of these brother, Ass N'Diaye, came to Spain in the early 1990s, at first selling African handicrafts on the street. Later, he started giving Djembé classes to earn a living. His brothers Baye Mass and Pap joined him soon.
After having performed on concerts as well as during studio recordings, the three brothers founded Djanbutu Thiossane, joined by other musicians from Senegal and Gambia. Ass, Mass & Pap is their first album.
The N'Diaye brothers still give djembé classes in Madrid.

Djanbutu Thiossane consists of:
Ass El hadj Samba N'Diaye (Percusssion and musical direction),
Baye Mass N'Diaye (vocals and percussion),
Pap N'Diaye (percussion),
Massamba Samba (percussion),
Bekai Jobarteh (from the Gambia, kora and vocals on Sabunima)
Babacar Dieng (drums),
Wafir Shekheldin (lute, accordion, violin and balafon),
Patrick Umoh (bass),
Carolina Sarr, Mbaïtou Diouf & Massow Gueye (backing vocals).

Style: Mbalax


Title Year Label Remarks
Fass 2002 Nubenegra INN 1120-2
Ass, Mass & Pap 1999 Nubenegra INT 3267-2 (INN 1036-2)

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