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Georges Dickson
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Georges Dickson (on older records "Dikson") is a well known makossa singer in Cameroon. His fame does not really reach far beyond the Cameroonian border, which is a pity, because his makossa is fresh and up-tempo.
His album Ville Morte was a hugh success at a time when opposition forces managed to shut down economic life in cities like Douala is so-called ghost town actions (opération ville morte). This was done as a means of protest against the government's reluctance to give way for political reforms and free elections in the early 1990s.

Musicians on "Zambé": Ndedi Eyango, Rigo, Lapiro de M'Banga, Pablo Lubadika (guitar), Aladji Touré (bass), Justin Bowen (keyboards), Alain Hatot (sax), Eric Giausserand (trumpet), Jacques Bolognesi (trombone), Guy Bilong, Ti Jean (drums), Jean-Pierre Coco, Ti Jean (percussion), Marilou Seba, Georges Seba, Dada Hekimian, Georges Dickson (backing vocals).

Style: Makossa, makozouk


Title Year Label Remarks
Djodji Ambiance 2000 1995 TJR CDAT 139
Ville Morte 1991 Haissam MH 222
Kiss Kossa 19?? Haissam LP
Zambé 1987 BMCA 8701 LP
Makozouk 1986 BMCA 8601 LP

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