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Ben Decca
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Ben Decca, the elder brother of makossa star Grace Decca, is one of the major makossa stars of the 1980s and 1990s. He owes his popularity probably to his silky voice, his style of singing is very typical for makossa music.

From a family of ten brothers and sisters, Ben, Grace, Dora Decca and since recently Isaac Decca are active in making music.

Style: makossa.
The album 'Classe Plus'

Title Year Label Remarks
C'est tout moi 2009 MPS Communication CD MPS 0957
Makossa Phoenix 2005
C'est mon choix - Best of Ben Decca 2004 MPS Communication CD MPS 0405
Les meilleurs de Moussa Haissam - Makossa haut de gamme vol.1 2002 Sonima SMCD 1396 20me anniversaire
Saphir 2002 JPS Production CDJPS 189
Affectueusement votre 2001? JPS Production
Les Slows Inoubliables 2001
Tourbillon 2000 JPS Production CDJPS 062
Classe Plus 1999 JPS Production CDJPS 023
Dina Bell & Ben Decca 1998 TJR CDAT 159 With Dina Bell
Kod'a Mboa 1997 Sonodisc CDS 7017
Le Duo: Bwanga Bwan 1995 TJR CDAT 138 With Grace Decca
& Puissance 7 1995 TJR CDAT 135
Espoir 1988 Afric'Music
Reconciliation Haissam MH 110
Amour à sens unique 19?? Haissam MH 106
Mbango Muam 1983/4 TJR AT 062
Yetena Oa 198? TJR AT 007
Pour Vous 198? HER 3401
Nyong'a Mulema 1981 Tempo Maxi-single (45T)

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