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Issa Bagayogo
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Issa Bagayogo (Techno Issa) grew up as a peasant in a village in the south of Mali. When working on the fields, he sometimes played the daro, an iron bell, to encourage the other workers on the field. At age of 12, he learnt playing the kamelen n'goni. Over the years, he improved his musical abilities and in 1991 he went to Bamako and ended up in a new studio where he recorded his first cassette. A second cassette came out in 1993, but neither of the two albums were successful. Issa, very disappointed, started taking pills, his wife left him and he dropped out. In his village, he was regarded as a mad man.
One day, he decided to get his life on the track again, and sought again to pursue his musical career. He met recording engineer Yves Wernert and Moussa Koné, Ali Farka Touré's guitar companion, and together, they experimented with mixing traditional Malian music with rhythm samples.
Album cover 'Sya'
His cassette « Sya » was released in Mali late 1998 and was an immediate success. In March 1999, he was awarded "le Prix du meilleur espoir de la chanson malienne" by national Malian radio and TV. The album was released internationally in 1999, and Issa toured extensively in Europe during 2001. His second international release « Timbuktu », released early 2002, has received considerable international attention as will his forthcoming album « Tassoumakan ».

Born: 1961, in Korin, 65km of Bougouni, South Mali
Style: wassoulou music mixed with modern dance samples.


Title Year Label Remarks
Mali Koura 2008 Six Degree Records 657036-1151-2
Tassoumakan 2004 Six Degree Records 657036-1103-2 Also on Wrasse Records WRASS137
Timbuktu 2001 Six Degree Records 657036-1062-2
Sya 1999 Cobalt 09292-2 Also on Six Degree Records 657036-10672
Fengue 199? EMI Mali Local cassette release

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